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27 Responses to “Testimonials”
  1. Your gardenia oil is the ONLY oil I’ve ever bought that smells like gardenias. People comment on it every time I wear it – men love it, AND I love it. So glad I found you online as I lost my order forms and could not remember the name of your company since you changed from Planetary Perfumes. I just typed in Rennaissance Festival gardenia oil and Global Scent Co. was the first thing that popped up onscreen. I am so happy to be able to order your oils online now because I am halfway through teh bottle I bought in May.

  2. I use the patchouli oil and it is the best I have ever used! I won’t even buy anything else.

  3. the good thing about essential oils is that they are therapeutic and smells great~~-

  4. I make sure to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival every year to buy incense from Global Scent Company. The best incense I have ever used to say the least! I bought 50 sticks 4 days ago and I’m almost out! I’ll be ordering much more this time. Love your products.

  5. the second time i went to the carolina ren fest i checked you guys out to get incense sticks..love the smells…especially cinnamon! you sold out almost immediatly!!! then i found the oils and i was set!! the Moon perfum oil smells divine! my boyfriend loves it too!! lol..im .planning to get more asap!!!

  6. Mimi Brown says:

    My husband made it a point to get to the atlanta renaissance festival just for your oils. He transitioned last August, and my daughters and I are coming to get his favorite – china musk. Thank you!

  7. Cat Cox says:

    I just received my oils! Thank you so very much. The Frangipani is totally my fav. I’ve tried others but none can compare to yours. The Star Dust actually has minature stars floating in the oil and the Sunrise has Patchouli undertones. I love the Atlanta Ren Fest but it’s just so far….clear across the state from me so the mail order is the next best thing. Thanks again.

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