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Aromatherapy blends utilize the positive influences specific scents impart through our sense of smell.
Aromatic scents pulsing through the brain, litany of sweetness persistent as the rain, herbal contemplation hypnotic as their scent, perfumes of the spirit, breathe a sweet content.

Global Scent Company : Perfume Oils

Global Scent Company : Perfume Oils

  • package of 6 drams=$75 (1 free)
  • two dram vial = $20
    • 6 two dram vials = $100 (1 free)
  • 1 oz plus rollerbottle=$50
  • bulk price of 4 oz = $120
  • 1/3 oz rollerbottle = $25
    • 6 rollerbottles = $125 (1 free)
  • ½ oz bottle (4 drams) = $30
    • 6 ½ oz bottles = $150 (1 free)

Trademarked™ blends are formulated, custom blended and distributed by Global Scent Company®.

Air™ for improved mental state and communication

Arouse™ to awaken the senses and excite passion

Basil increases positivity

Chamomile a light fruity scent that soothes and aids sleeplessness

Clary Sage spicy with low notes like bergamot, a flower from France that eases tension

Coriander this stimulating scent, known to be an aphrodisiac, is great in a diffuser in the bedroom.

Dreams™ for improved nocturnal activity

Fire™ for increased stamina, health and strength

Friendship™ to evoke a positive emotional state

Happiness™ for the flow of energy to all chakra centers of the body

Harmony™ to dispel negativity and enhance wisdom

for heightened motivation and meditation

Love™ for elevated spiritual and physical relations

Luna A medieval formula used by alchemists in the Middle Ages for promoting sleep and deep relaxation. Transforms you into a zone like meditation.

Merrimint™ An uplifting blend of rosemary and mint for joy filled days.

Money Draw™ for procuring a positive flow of riches\

Native American a blend of essentials for Native American Traditional use.

Peace™ for mental relaxation and ease of relations

Prosperity™ for fruitful experiences and successful results

to create an aura of strength from within

Rituals™ a heady blend of ritualistic scents used in Wicca

Sacred Valley™ Peru’s Magical Sacred Valley

Secrets of the Amazon™ Guarana’ is an energizing fruit grown only in the Amazon Rainforest. The scent is like ginger ale with a punch!

Serenity™ For relaxation and sleeping

Sixth Sense™ a scent for after or beyond life

Solace™ an all organic blend of fresh herbs to help in times of distress.

Solar Energy™ for relief of depression and anxiety

Spirit Quest™
for spiritual calm and peace of mind

to brighten entire outlook and lift your spirits

Sunrise An aroma therapy blend for uplifting your mood, as a beautiful sunrise will do for you. A combination of citrus and warm notes.

Tranquility™ for its calming and relaxing effects

a sacred stone monolith in Australia – aborigine home

Visions™ for mental stimulation, new ideas and creativity

Wake Up™ for freshly awakening the senses

Water™ for clarity and deeper awareness

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