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In ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, mystical knowledge of certain aphrodisiacs were in the hands of High Priests and Sorcerers. Scents were worn in amulets (necklace bottles), rooms were scented, scents were diffused in steaming pots. diffusers, perfumed baths, special lotions were scented, and scents were worn on the wrist, behind the knees, neck and hair. These scents stimulated sexuality and procreation.

  • package of 6 drams=$75 (1 free)
  • two dram vial = $20
    • 6 two dram vials = $100 (1 free)
  • 1 oz plus rollerbottle=$50
  • bulk price of 4 oz = $120
  • 1/3 oz rollerbottle = $25
    • 6 rollerbottles = $125 (1 free)
  • ½ oz bottle (4 drams) = $30
    • 6 ½ oz bottles = $150 (1 free)


Global Scent Company : Perfume Oils

Global Scent Company : Perfume Oils

  • Almond blended with honey
  • Ambergris musk uses as an attractant
  • Apple exchanged by lovers as an erotic message
  • Banana increases desire
  • Basil used in love charms
  • Fig worn as an aphrodisiac
  • Ginger warms and stimulates
  • Ginseng stimulates males
  • Honey used in many love potions
  • Jasmine used in harem tents
  • Juniper relaxing scent diffuser
  • Nutmeg subtle aphrodisiac
  • Patchouli used in harem tents to increase desire
  • Pheromones transfers excitement
  • Rose used by Venus as a strong aphrodisiac
  • Sandalwood effective aphrodisiac
  • Ylang Ylang used as a sedative when used in a diffuser

Our Own Potion Blends:

  • Cleopatra™ she knew the secrets
  • Exotic Patchouli™ she or he is bound to notice!
  • Forbidden Fruit™ always sampling the forbidden
  • Foot Fetish™ perfect for a foot massage
  • Gypsy Fire™ a spicy blend
  • Hot & Sweet™ sweet with a pheromone
  • King’s Fantasies™ our kind’s blend, made especially by the Queen to keep him solely hers!
  • Medieval Magic Potion™ fruitful endeavors
  • Mid Summer’s Knight’s Dreams™ our knights dreamed about this scent
  • Musk’s all musks are attractants
  • Passion Fruit fruit of passion
  • Patchouli Musk™ a light patchouli. a noticeable musk
  • Raw Silk™ smooth and silky
  • Secrets of Venus light vanilla and special ambers, she knew!
  • Rose all rose blends
  • Spyder Venom™ sweet and venomous
  • Sweet innocence™ a light attractant
  • Sweet Patchouli™ a sweet and saucy blend
  • Too Tango™ all musky blend
  • Vanillas all vanilla blends are attractants, as they relax and cause sweet memories of home.

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