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  • 8 oz. for $25
  • 16 oz for $35
  • Blends (More than 1 scent) Add $5 extra.


Organic Bath & Organic Massage Oil – a light natural oil, rich in vitamin E, for after bath.
Organic Body Lotion – fortified with vitamins A, D, & E, free of mineral oil.
Organic Bath & Massage & A, D & E Lotion – a lubricating moisturizer with vitamins.
Organic Shower Gel/Bubbles – a soothing gel formulated to produce a rich foaming lather.
Starlights Lotion – with hints of sparkle, nice for an evening under the lights.

Organic Aloe Vera Splash – a naturally refreshing spray for healing and moisturizing.

  • 8 oz. for $30 – Pick your scent.

Germ-Away Spray – A natural spray that will keep germs away in an airplane, office or around the home.

  • 8 oz. for $20

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